2015 Warren Street Calendars are now available

2015 Calendar

The 2015 Warren Street Calendars are now in and can be purchased at Sketch Art Supplies 701 Warren Street, Hudson, NY. If you would like to view the original paintings they are currently on display at Neumann Fine Art Gallery 65 Cold Water Street, Hillsdale NY. The gallery will also have a supply of calendars on hand. If you are unable to visit either of these locations and would like to receive one in the mail, you can order now by clicking on the link below.


Campo San Bartolomeo

Campo San Bartolomeo 30x24 oil on canvas

Campo San Bartolomeo 30×24 oil on canvas

Just across the famous Rialto Bridge on the San Marco side of the Grand Canal in Venice, there is an attractive little square with lots of shops, bars and cafes called Campo San Bartolomeo. In the center there is a statue of a famous Venetian playwright by the name of Carlos Goldoni. While going over some photographs my son took while on vacation in Italy I was absolutely struck with this scene of people busily shopping and, of course, the rainy street.

I was so captivated by this scene I decided to do a second painting. The vantage point is from the other end of the street. Just envision yourself walking to the red building in the distance and looking back.

Campo San Bartolomeo #2  30x24 price: $5,000

Campo San Bartolomeo #2 30×24 oil on canvas

Girl in a Gray Fedora

Girl in a Gray Fedora

Girl in a Gray Fedora

Have you ever had one of those moments when time seems to stand still? Normally while photographing on Warren Street I have to watch for a potential scene about to unfold and be ready to take numerous shots in order to get one to paint from. Sometimes even after all of that, I end up unsatisfied with any of the pictures. Rarely does it happen that everything is right there. Well this was one of those rare moments. An attractive woman sitting, contemplating what she was reading. The light was perfect. And that hat! I read somewhere that the eye is most attracted to pictures that have all three primary colors present. As I think back about artwork that I like, I find this, for the most part, to be true and try to incorporate this into my work. And it was all there! I can’t remember how long I stood there admiring, but no one seemed to mind. I don’t even think traffic was moving. Thank goodness I finally took the picture of the “Girl in a Gray Fedora”.

Valley Variety

Beginning December 13, 2014 a selection of original paintings of my Hudson Warren Street series will be exhibited at Valley Variety located at 705 Warren Street, Hudson, NY. I am very pleased and excited about this as it makes this growing body of work accessible to those who love Hudson right on Warren Street. For further details, click on the link below