Warren Street Calendar


The 2014 Warren Street Calendars are in and can be purchased at the following participating locations: Sketch Hudson, Park Falafel, Mexican Radio, American Glory, Lilliandloo. I want to personally thank Amy Lavine  of Sketch Hudson for the design and all her hard work in coordinating with local stores and working with the printer to make this possible for next year. So far this debut calendar has proven to be a hot item so make sure you get yours while supplies last.

The 2014 Calendar is currently out of stock

New Painting

The Red Dot at Night

The Red Dot at Night

As you can probably tell, I am fascinated with Warren Street. I think this is largely due to the resurgence the city of Hudson has made in the past ten years or so. A schoolmate of mine happened to see me walking the street with my camera one day and asked what I needed it for. As he said, pointing to his head, “Don’t you have it all up here?” He thought it strange that I would need to photograph a place that I had lived for over 40 years. But with the influx of art galleries, restaurants and antique shops, Hudson is not as I remember it. It has gone through a renaissance with many of the historic buildings being revitalized. The street is also abuzz with visitors traveling up from New York City on the weekends. What started this series for me was how the colors of the city were energized by the rain.  However, even at night it is beautiful, as this new painting shows.

This is my first nocturnal scene. Stay tuned…. there certainly will be more to follow.